Saturday, October 11, 2008

apples n'stuff

We took Jessica and Nicholas to the 90th Anniversary of John Deere in Waterloo. John Deere was celebrating 90 years of production in Waterloo. It was quite a big thing. They had many different tractors on display (0ld and new). This was the only picture the kids would let me get during our time down there. Last year at this time neither of them would have touched the tractors, now they wanted to drive them!!!!

Our next adventure was the last weekend of September when we took the kids to Gay's Mills Wisconsin for our "Annual Hageman Family Apple Drive". We met our friends Paul and Barb and Amber at Gays Mills. This was the first time we had been to the Apple Festival and were able to get in on the parade! Then it was off to our favorite apple orchard where they sell THE BEST Apple cider donuts in the world. So good they put a two dozen minimum on them for that weekend. Nicholas and Jessica ran around the orchard and Nick found it funny to pick up the apples and roll them down the hill. I don't think he was supposed to do this. We did have some fun. Nicholas and Jessica helped me bake a apple pie the next weekend out of the apples we bought at the orchard. mmm mmm good!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More stuff.....

Well, today I am home not feeling so hot! My allergies and sinuses got the best of me this week. This morning I took Nicholas to the Ear Nose and Throat Dr. in Waverly for his two week check-up from a pretty bad ear infection. He still had an infection and she had to pull the tube out of his ear as it was falling out and not working anymore. He also had a great deal of rather foul smelling pus in his ear too. He had to have his ear vacuumed and Janelle at Dr. Bells office (we love Janelle) anticipated that we would need several people to hold him down because it would be bothersome and may hurt. I sat in the chair and held him and two nurses were helping. Nicholas surprised them all by just laying on me and not fussing one tiny bit. I could feel he was tense, but that was about it! He is so brave at the doctors' office. He always has been. So, Nicholas now has only one tube left and this was his second set that he had put in right before his second birthday. He had his adenoids out at that time also. Jessica has tubes as well but seems to be doing well. I'm hoping our day's of ear infections are coming to a close!!
So... I am home nursing a headache and swollen glands and sore sinuses!!! Do I hear any sympathy????? hmmmm???? heehee
Well, since I cannot fall asleep as I am not much of a napper I will spend a little time posting some pictures from our summer. Enjoy.....
OK I cannot figure out how to rotate these pictures!!! But I guess until I do Y'all will have to turn your heads to see these. I know that if you click on the pictures you can get a larger image too! Sorry, I'll try to get it figured out. Shanon, do you know how to do that?????

Anyway, above you can see our movie star Miss Jessica Lynn!
Grandpa Woolley took us out on his boat on the Mississppi River near Muscatine. We had a good time. Jessica and Nick helped "drive the boat". I sat in front and watched for tree trunks. The kids laughed at me when Grandpa hit some big "waves" and made me about fall out of my seat! We got to get up close to some barges that were parked and the kids saw a Egret (grandpa and mommy call them "fly-up-the-creeks") We didn't fish, but we will next time cuz we saw some big fish jumping!

We now have miss princess Jessica with her fine collection of jewelry. The headband is a fine piece from the McDonalds Happy Meal Collection valued at approximately $4.00 . The necklace was a fine antique from mommy's collection (these would be the pearls I wore for Teri Bocktings wedding) And the purse she is carrying is also another fine antique from Mommy's collection. My Uncle Steve made that purse for me when I was about Jessica's age! I loved that purse, it's all leather and has a butterfly imprinted in the leather!
Here we have the purple car that is also vintage early 2000's. Get's reallllllyyyyyy great gas mileage. Wish I could run my van on "kid power"!!! All you have to do is give them some cheerios and you are good as gold!

Nicholas and Jessica playing outside in our "big pool"

Don't they look so relaxed???

Grandma Woolley came up to see us to celebrate her birthday which was August 16th!!! We love it when Grandma comes to visit!

Grandpa Woolley and Pat took us to the Niabi Zoo in Coal Valley IL. We had some good fun. Jessica was apprehensive at first but Grandpa talked her into having some fun. We were gonna ride the train but it derailed right before we were going to ride. But, Nicholas and Jessica got to watch Grandpa Woolley help put the train back on the track! That impressed Nicholas more than the lions and tigers and bears (oh my)

We went to Wichita in June to spend some time with "uncle Bobby" and aunt Shanon and their family. It was the first time we met Hayden and Kinnick and Carver! What a great time. The picture with the sprinkler is Nicholas, Jessica and Cousin Hayden! Looks like fun huh?
This picture is at Uncle Bobby's (Grandpa Woolley, Cousins Gage, Harrison and Hayden with Me, Jessica and Nicholas)
This picture really cracks me up! I didn't realize it until I saw the picture much larger that Hayden was diggin' for gold. But, it is one of the few pictures that I have with Bob and Hayden just looks so relaxed.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random pictures

This picture was taken at my mom's during mothers day this year. There are not alot of pictures of me with the kids so I treasure the pictures I get!!

The picture above of myself, Nicholas, Jessica and my Dad taken in Coal Valley Illinois. The picture in the sign is my Grandpa Woolley. He had a coal mine on the land that the Niabi Zoo is on. This picture is the "town emblem" for Coal Valley!!! Pretty neat! We went to the Zoo that day as well...... I will post some of those pictures later, but right now I have two kids crawling on me and I'm not getting very far with this......

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just setting this up

I am taking the lead from some other people that I know who are using the blogspot and giving it a try! I am hoping to keep up with it. It has been alot of fun reading Shannon's and too see the pictures of her family.